TELEPHONE: An International Arts 2021 / A game of art whispered around the world.

TELEPHONE is just like the kids’ game. A message is whispered from one person to another and changes as it is passed. We whisper a message from art form to art form. A message could become a painting, then music, then poetry, then dance. We whisper each finished work of art to multiple artists so the game branches out exponentially. Halfway through the game, we reverse the process. We start assigning multiple artworks to a single artist. We ask each artist to find what the works have in common and to create a translation of that into their own art form. So — TELEPHONE begins with one message, passes that message through more than 900 artists from 72 countries and then concludes with a single artwork.

Here, you can see my artwork -

Many thanks to Nathan Langston for organizing the TELEPHONE! 🥳🤩