.artist statement

My artwork takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues of Russia and around the world. The overarching theme of my works centers around the place of Man in the City. 

My paintings exhibit the influence of the City and its culture, as well as love for Urbanik and psychology. Each project often consists of multiple works, usually in a range of different media (poster, painting, video), grouped around specific themes and meanings.


I combine graphic design, art academic art and 3D modeling in works. I am the founder of «PsychoUrbanik» style.

It is the psychology of a big city without bright colors, sometimes entirely without color. Inside this system man lives. He is just a tiny pixel in the digital photograph of our planet. But this «pixel» is what builds this space. Everything revolves around him; the roads are built for him, information is created and preserved for him, and the very created space he occupies is in turn absorbed by him. Man is a colored pulsating dot in the multi-kilometer subspace of the metropolis, psychological protocell.


As a longtime fan of Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis, I emphasize the psychological and emotional tension of modern life, in which every person is unique, complex, and similar to the Universe.